Exploring Canada
Part 2

We are travelling Canada in 1989 and heading for Winnipeg on the Canadian National line.

Enjoying one of several cab rides on this trip.

In Winnipeg, the Hudson Bay Company, one of the world's oldest company's, is still important.
This mural shows an early days trading camp at nearby Fort Garry.

And a reproduction Fort Garry can be visited where one gets a feel of a fur trading past.
The Hudson Bay Company's land became the largest part of the Dominion of Canada on its formation in 1870.

Also on the prairies we call at Unity, Saskatchewan.

And visit a grain farmer, who tried to shoot the skunk that can be seen running towards the tractor in this photograph.

Reaching Alberta we find dinosaurs of the past fossilised in the strata of the Badlands.

And beasts of the present with origins back home, a pedigree herd of Hereford Cattle.

And pageantry on the streets of Calgary.

Then come the Rockies. This is Lake Louise and a former railway hotel.

And the cab ride to end all cab rides, through the tunnels and
snowsheds of Canandian Pacific's Kicking Horse Pass.

Cathedral station, pretty much the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Nothing stops here!

And on the other side, ospreys nests, as nights falls once more on another 4,645 mile Toronto to Vancouver journey.

Dawn finds the train in Ashcroft.

And these are the final riverside miles to Vancover.

But there is one more route to the sea in British Columbia, a northerly line to Prince Rupert
on which we pause for refreshment in Smithers.

With better weather the views on this journey were superb.
This is Mount Robson, 12,972ft, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies.

As we once more follow river valleys for mile after mile.

This is the Skeena as the coast nears.

And so to Prince Rupert with an evening view from another impromptu campsite.

Just how impromptu can be seen here, on the far left beside the main line east!

And fish eagles are everywhere in Prince Rupert...............usually real ones!

The final important railway in British Columbia is BC Rail with currently runs a thrice weekly railcar service called the Caribou Dayliner.

And how about this for a view from a train!

From West Vancover we take the ferry to Nanaimo, on Vancover Island, from where
one can still travel to Victoria, British Columbia's capital city, by train.

As the daily Courtney to Victoria train pauses at Nanaimo for a refreshment break.

On reaching Victoria there is plenty to admire. Seaplanes for example, forever landing, and the ambience of the Victoria to Seattle ferry behind.

They don't build vessels like this one anymore!

And how about this for a spectacular mural on an ordinary building?

And trouble at a campsite from a curious, fearless, noisy racoon!

And that's pretty much it for Canada as we conclude this memorable trip with a Canada Day parade.

...............And Canada Day fireworks!

The End

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