Background to the Ledbury Railway Station Project

Ledbury Station is a country railway station at the western end of the Paddington to Hereford "Cotswold Line". At one time Ledbury boasted an impressive array of buildings and enjoyed junction status but sadly both were swept away in the rationalisation of the sixties which reduced Ledbury to a neglected, unstaffed halt.

Things changed in 1988. From a rebuilt station building, a pioneering ticketing and information service was established, independent of traditional railway structure, and financed entirely from commission on ticket sales. It was a gamble in a situation many would consider unviable but the business not only survived, it has flourished and grown. It has done so by providing high levels of personal service. The cordiality of a good country pub is the analogy that pleases us best. Business has grown because a rapport has been established with regular customers; it is something that makes the purchase of a rail ticket more pleasant on both sides and it is this atmosphere, above all else, that we wish to project over the Internet.

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